Noodle - interface for Google SMS

Noodle is an interface for Google SMS. It is SIM Toolkit application for Turbo SIM family of products.

Noodle simplifies usage of Google SMS by formatting query, providing user help and sending query to the service number so that user does not have to remember anything nor have tips sheet printed in the wallet.

Noodle has potential for more, for example it could:
  • provide fully location based search (based on network/cell information)
  • select service phone number based on mobile operator used, i.e. Google SMS could be used outside the US
  • help user to create more complex queries and enhance the search itself
As SIM Toolkit application it can be used only in mobile phones having removable SIM card and user has to use either Turbo SIM or any of Turbo Adapter together with his SIM card.

So far Google SMS works only in the US, so the application is usable only there.

Status: Application is in version 0.9 and ready for public use, though more testing by US users would be appreciated.

License: Application is distributed in terms of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Download: Package noodle-0.9.tar.gz contains compiled application and source code.

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