A live demo of Bladox Point of Sale Terminal has been presented at the TI Low Power Wireless booth at CES'07, Las Vegas. Utilizing Texas Instruments CC2420 radio chip, the BRA device brings 2.4GHz 802.15.4 wireless to any mobile phone produced since the year 1998. Together with banks and technology partners Bladox is developing an innovative mobile proximity payment system called PayTus. It offers many unique features that cannot be matched by any other technology available today.
  • Easy spending - PayTus enables as convenient payment as possible.
  • Proximity payment - distance for payment can be several meters.
  • Proximity marketing - PayTus gives user access to proximity e-coupons and sale events while strictly protecting user privacy. User has to explicitly turn on the offers.
  • PayTus is independent of mobile operators. This critical advantage allows banks to deploy mobile payment system without having to share transaction fees with mobile operators. Banks just issue slightly different looking payment card - the BRA token for mobile phone.
  • PayTus is independent of mobile phone vendors. There is no need to wait for future phones this and that enabled.
  • No software installation, no uploads - BRA is just plugged into phone SIM connector together with operator SIM card and PayTus menu is immediately available in the phone user interface.
  • PayTus solves the trusted terminal problem. Compared to existing payment systems, merchant cannot do any harm to customer, there is no risk for any party involved. There is no need to certificate merchants and payment devices used. Every PayTus user can also be a merchant.
  • And there is more to come...
PayTus is currently being tested in West Africa.
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