Discontinued product. See Turbo Lite 2 for new design.

Turbo Lite

Turbo Lite is a mobile phone accessory allowing use of mobile phohe for SMS control and measurement. It is software compatible with Turbo Adapter but has simplified connector with 13 digital I/O (4 can be used as ADC inputs) and does not use memory card.

Datasheet Turbo Lite, Rev. 02-04/06/30.

Turbo Lite comes with preloaded application Pager.

Turbo Lite provides unique possibility to connect miscellaneous sensors, switches and control devices and use both new and older (abandoned, recycled) mobile phones for signalization, remote control and measurement. The one chip solution brings not only the best price but also complete openness for developer.

Turbo Lite is usable in any SIM Toolkit enabled mobile phone.

Lite I/O Schematics, PDF. Possible schematics of galvanic isolated power I/O for Turbo Lite/Motion (Auto Alarm).
Relay Output Schematics, PDF. Two versions of single relay output - with extenaly powered relay plus optocoupler and with relay powered by the mobile phone.
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