Turbo - SIM Toolkit Adapter

Turbo Adapter is a mobile phone accessory bringing new user applications and removable memory card. The main focus of applications is on text messaging, security and localization. The SIM Toolkit technology allows to use lower, system level applications, otherwise available only on the last hi-end mobile phone models.

Turbo Adapter comes with following applications preloaded:
  • SMS Archive - storage and management of text messages on memory card, unlimited folder structure, rules for automatic sorting.
  • Crypted SMS - communication via strongly encrypted text messages, key management, key to phone number association.
  • Masked SMS - application masks content of text messages with other user defined text - mask. It is possible to define phone numbers to mask.
  • On Display - send message on mobile phone display
  • Secrets - storing of private information in strongly encrypted secured manner.
  • Reader - browse and read structured texts stored on memory card.
Besides user applications Turbo Adapter provides unique possibility to connect miscellaneous sensors, switches and control devices and use both new and older (abandoned, recycled) mobile phones for signalization, remote control and measurement. The one chips solution brings not only the best price but also complete openess for developer.

Turbo Adapter is in general usable in any SIM Toolkit enabled mobile phone. The only possible limitation is mechanical - the plastic cover and the shape of SIM card connector.

We offer the following packages:
  • Turbo for Nokia 3310 - includes Turbo Adapter, 2MB memory card and plastic cover.
  • Naked Turbo Adapter without memory card not plastic cover - suitable for hardware applications.
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